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Spring Riesling Fling

ANEW Riesling


1oz ANEW Riesling
.75oz White rum
.75oz Aperitif a la gentiane
.75oz White vermouth
2 Drops dandelion bitters
1 Mint sprig
1 Peel of lemon

Build all ingredients over ice in a wine glass. To garnish, insert 1 clapped mint sprig. Express 1 lemon peel over the mouth of the glass and use the lemon peel to dress the rim of the glass.

Lemon Peel Prep: Peel one swath of lemon (using a y-peeler or paring knife). With a paring knife, doctor all edges creating a perfect rectangle with the peel. In the middle of the peel create an incision about .75 inches long (this slit will enable you to dress the rim of the wine glass).

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